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Eco Christmas 2020

Wow what a year its been! We’ve nearly made it to the end and I’m so glad we’re able to celebrate with loved ones some way or the other.

I wanted to share a few tips so we have an eco-friendly Christmas, and are kind to the planet whilst celebrating.

My blog from last Christmas shares lots of helpful tips which you can find here. Below you’ll find some extra tips that I’ll be implementing this year too.



This is such a large part of the celebration, it can bring us so much joy whether we are gifting or receiving, but at the same time it can also lead to so much waste.

Be mindful what you are buying.

  • Ask yourself does the person receiving the gift need it?

  • Will they be able to use it?

  • Are you in a financial position to be able to buy gifts this year?

  • Is gifting the only way to share the joy?

Secret Santa is a great way to cut down gifting within a family or a group of friends. Have a good sized budget so that we aren’t buying random bits and bobs to fulfil the budget but rather able to buy a meaningful gift the person can use.

Are you able to purchase a plastic free item?

Plastic takes such a long time to breakdown, so maybe look at the packaging or the actual item itself, how many times can it be used? Is it something that’s fun to use for a short amount of time and then forgotten about?

What are you packing the gift in?

If you have wrapping paper from last year do use it up, however be mindful that if it has glitter on it you can’t recycle it. Switch to kraft paper and paper tape once finished. You could even use string instead of paper tape, or use material to gift wrap.

There is no shame in re-gifting and also buying second hand items as a gift. Try out apps like DePop and Vinted.

More importantly support small businesses. Etsy and Not on the High Street are great places to shop.


Food Ideas

For food ideas check out my blog from last year. I have been making a Vegan Roll which is stuffed with carrots and mushrooms and tastes brilliant. Last year I also added a layer of sage and onion stuffing on the outside which tasted lovely too!


Fake or Real

Christmas trees are a big debate this year. We have always bought a real one every year. Last year we bought a potted tree however it didn’t survive through to this Christmas so we have a real one again. Remember, whichever option you are already doing is the most sustainable one. Avoid buying a plastic tree every few years.



Décor can be so cheap, and seeing new trends can make us want to buy new décor items every year. Reuse what you have, upcycle what you have, and also swap your items around with others so it feel fresh and new. This year I opted for a gold theme to switch it up, and make the decor feel new.


Christmas Crackers

Fun! But wasteful. The outer cardboard part can usually be recycled as long as it is not covered in glitter, however the contents are usually single-use plastic which can’t be recycled. You could buy eco-friendly ones, make your own, or not have them at all.


Gift Ideas

I don’t want to add to consumption however if you’re still stuck on ideas here are my top five gifts ideas which are vegan.

1) Gift for someone with curly hair or someone who is starting their Curly Hair Journey.

2) Gifting someone who enjoys skin care

  • All skin types but may want to target scarring and want an all over glow (10% off via this link)

  • At home facial product (15% off via this link)

  • Vegan Skincare box offering hydrating products

3) Gifting someone who enjoys nail care. A vegan at home manicure nail system.

4) Subscription account for Cruelty Free Beauty Products (large range of vegan products available too.

Have a lovely Christmas and see you in 2021!

Some links in this blog are affiliate links which means I get paid a small commission if you make a purchase. Thank you for supporting.

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