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#NaturalCakeFace Makeup Workshop - Midlands - August 2019

I am so excited that my next workshop is in less than two weeks. So many amazing women have booked on and I have space for a couple more. But I thought I'd fill you in on what went down on the last one.

I've been doing one-to-one makeup lessons since early 2017. I've always loved teaching and seeing people pick up skills to increase their confidence. Early 2019, the lovely Meera Bhogal hosted my first workshop in London. We had a fab group of ladies eager to learn and thoroughly enjoyed the day. This then motivated me to launch the #NaturalCakeFace Day workshops, and where better to start than my hometown!

I had 7 lovely ladies join me for the day, along with my two assistants (also my sisters - we're very much into helping and supporting eachother,) and my photography team.

Now if you're not familiar with the term #naturalcakeface, it's something I came up with that I felt worked for the type of makeup style that I have.

'#naturalcakeface - wearing as much or a as little makeup that feels right and comfortable for you'

So, this workshop has been formulated to teach you tips, tricks and techniques that you can use anytime and anywhere for which ever occasion. Ages ranged from early 20's to late 50's, and because its techniques that I teach rather than specific looks, its applicable to everyone.

The ladies thoroughly enjoyed the group teaching setting and found they had enough one-to-one time too.

We talked all things skincare, vegan and cruelty free beauty, makeup tools, makeup application and troubleshooting (which I think is so so important).

For lunch we headed down to the Laura Ashley styled Tea Rooms to enjoy Afternoon Tea. They have vegan options available here and its one of the best I've had. Lunch was another opportunity for my VIP guests to ask further questions but also spend some time with eachother talking about makeup.

If you're looking to attend one of my classes then be sure to subscribe to emails via my website. My next class is on 8th December 2019. If you'd like to book a seat click here.

You can find some of my favourite photos from the day below, along with a short video too!

Hope to see you at one of my workshops!

Thank you to all the suppliers who sponsored the goodie bag too - Hair O UK, Gemjabones, Aurora's Collection, Made from Scratch Cafe, Blooms By Vanita, Imagine Aloe, TOTMOrganic, Preeya Stylist, Kandy Lotus, Yum in Tum Sweets, Enigma Healing, Creative Cakes, JC Creations, Juwles Skincare, Nourish Food for Life, Zen H Treasures and the lovely Esme and Team for the media coverage.

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