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Bridal Planning tips

So being in the industry for nearly 12 years and working on numerous different types of weddings I've learnt what works and what doesn't for Brides. Some of these are from my own observations, and some are from what brides have mentioned to me. So here's a list for you that will hopefully make your wedding day and planning a little easier. Hope it helps!

1) Getting ready for your wedding on the day.

If possible get ready at the venue. Once you are there you can relax and it will be a short walk to the ceremony rather than worrying about getting into the car with your outfit on and traffic on the way. If you get ready at the venue it means you can also start a little later. Getting ready at the venue also means that your photos will match the rest of the wedding photos rather than looking disjointed.

2) Prep before the wedding day. Make sure you've tried your whole outfit on to make sure everything fits, jewellery is intact and you look exactly the way you imagined. Whilst doing this check for any labels and remove them.

3) Skincare and hair prep Make sure you know from your artist exactly how they would like you to prep your hair and skin on the morning (or the night before the wedding.) I send out a PDF document with a checklist to my Brides. They also have access to a in-depth skincare regime video which they can watch over and over again to build a tailored routine for themselves. If you'd like access click here. The results have been phenomenal! Here's a little something for you - Download my FREE guide to creating filter-free skin by clicking here.

4) Time with your photographer Double and triple check how long your photographer needs and how they like to work. Some photographers prefer the Bride to be completely ready (I prefer this too as my time with the Bride is uninterrupted.) Some photographers like to document the getting ready process and may nip in and out. Find out how much time they need for your photos. If you have anything specific you want captured, let them know (a Pinterest board of inspiration is useful). Let your makeup artist know what time the photographer wants you to be ready and how they plan to work so that the makeup artist can work their timings back from there. You want to make sure neither your artist or photographer are rushed.

5) Eating on the day So many of my brides won't eat due to culture. I say do what feels right for you. This is the last day you want to be low on energy. You will probably be waking up much earlier than a usual day and sleeping much later than usual (and let's not forget about the celebration days that take place before your wedding - they're fun but super tiring too right? Eating something will settle your nerves and jeep you fueled. And you may also want to enjoy the lovely breakfast that your guests are having (that you've paid for). Make sure your itinerary also allows enough time for you to enjoy all the meals.

6) Purchasing your wedding outfit Buy and outfit that reflects your personality, don't worry about what others say. Also buy an outfit that is comfortable and easy to get on and off. If you are purchasing a gown or lehenga make sure there are hooks at the back (rather than a zip on the side) or a zip that is extra long which saves you putting the outfit over your head. If this is the case my brides have to be in their outfit before we start getting ready as it can effect the hair and makeup when it's being put on.

7) Surround yourself with positivity Surround yourself with people who are helpful and will show up for you. I've worked on a few weddings where Bridesmaids are too bothered about themselves and aren't on hand to help the Bride. Surround yourself with people who genuinely care. The less drama the better!

8) Bridal Trials Don't book too many. I would say book 2 at most as it gets confusing. You'll also be paying for the trials so it can get expensive. Narrow down your favourite artists and book in with them. Trials are a good way to see if you and the artist will be a good fit. The artist will be the first supplier you see on the day so make sure its someone you enjoy spending time with and is reliable. I offer in-person trials (as most of my Brides wear little to no makeup daily but would like some on the day to enhance their features. A lot of my Brides are either abroad or not in the same city as me, so those Brides are given a complimentary 60-90 video consultation where we talk about the day, the look/s and just get to know each other. Make sure you have an option similar to this so that on the morning you aren't discussing the look.

9) How to pick your artist You may have been following an artist's journey for a while and know that is the artist you want. However before booking be sure to check for reviews, speak to Brides that the artist has worked with, or ask your suppliers that you've already booked. Look for unedited images, and real bride images. Videos are also a great way to see an artists work in its true form.

10) Enjoy the process

Getting married is a lovely time. So many brides find the planning difficult and stressful and it really doesn't need to be. Book a wedding planner or on the day coordinator. This isn't someone from the venue or catering team, you need someone that speaks to all the suppliers, checks the itenrary and makes sure everyone is on the same page, and also everything runs to time. Also don't rely on family to do this, let them enjoy the day and be present for you. My recommended planner - Boss Lady Events

I really hope that has been useful. Do let me know and happy planning!

Image credits 1) Soul Photography

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