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Hello 2021!

Hi everyone,

Hope you have had a wonderful start to 2021. I know the beginning of last year was so different! Celebrating New Year with my friends in 2020 in our home, enjoying food and playing games together now seems like such a long distance and slightly faded memory. When will we ever be able to do that again? I’m not sure but I am so sure it will happen.

I had a social media break over Christmas which was wonderful! I’ll be putting together my top tips very soon as I highly highly recommend it to all those who use social media for work, or just find it a bit noisy from time to time.


I’ve had some new followers and subscribers to my mailing list so I thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce myself again. So here it is…

  1. British Born Gujrati

  2. 32

  3. Married

  4. Following a vegan diet (as best I can)

  5. Only use vegan skincare and beauty products

  6. Obsessed with trying to be as eco friendly and natural as possible where and when I can be

  7. Just over a year following Curly Girl Method

  8. Award Winning Bridal makeup Artist

  9. Brand manager for Blooms by Vanita

  10. Happy to talk about taboo subjects related to my culture - periods, skin tone, gender bias

  11. Try and adopt a positive outlook on life and day to day happenings

  12. Yes to Female Empowerment

  13. Love teaching makeup to others - classes are called #NaturalCakeFace

  14. Vegan Brow and Lash Tech - HD Brows, LVL lashes, Brow Lamination, Henna Brows

  15. Not shy to post a makeup free selfie and does not like filters! Insta should ban them!


For those who have been with me from the beginning of my Makeup artist journey – thank you, I truly appreciate it. To all those who found me last year, I hope the content was thought provoking, or educational. My aim this year is to create content that is helpful, intentional and educational. If you catch me posting anything that doesn’t fit in with this you’re always welcome to drop me a DM or email!

My Instagram journey actually began as a makeup artist. Due to the pandemic most of the weddings that I was going to be working on had been postponed however I did have 7 wonderful Brides. 7 seems like such a small number now compared to how busy I usually am. I solely used my Instagram to post pictures of my work back then. However you’ll see my Instagram is very different now.

Then in 2017 my sister went vegan overnight and this made me think about what I was putting on my skin and body. I began reading about my products and steered away from any products tested on animals. A year later I took it a step further and decided to only use vegan products on my skin, within our home and also my diet. It’s been an educational journey but also a difficult and slightly expensive one too. Am I glad that I took on the change and stuck to what I thought? Absolutely!

Last year the pandemic pretty much bought my work to a stand still. It was heartbreaking seeing what was happening in the world but I’m grateful I had the time to rest and re-vamp. A new website went up during this time, and my content completely changed. I felt I was able to post more about all the elements of my life that I love and enjoy. Heritage is something I’m super proud of. I’m a British born Gujrati woman and my parents originate from India and Africa. Heritage has been a really important pay of my life growing up and is still so now.

Taboo subjects tied to my culture and heritage that I enjoy creating awareness around are periods, skin colour and gender bias. I think we need to move with the times, and also treat eachother with respect and love. I was so pleased to work with MoonCup in 2020 for their campaign to speak about my story.

Whilst being stuck at home as we all were last year I decided to teach mini #NaturalCakeFace workshops concentrating on full looks. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed these as did I. I’ll be carrying them on this year as the feedback was brilliant and it definitely gave me a pick me up too. If you haven’t already subscribed to the mailing list to hear about discounted tickets you can do so here.


Features in 2020

I’ve been so fortunate to work with amazing Brides, wedding suppliers and makeup artist.

Here are a few article/blog features from 2020.


Brides of 2020


I’m really excited to see what this year brings as things can only get better right?

Love to all,


PS. If you’d like to read the in-depth version of when I started out click here.

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