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Photographer @Kolesnik.foto (Instagram Profile)

Firstly thank you for making it this far through my website! So I actually had a blog several years ago and didn't have the time to commit to it, but now I feel I have so many thoughts to share that I have to make the time. My name is Jaineesha, I'm a full time Bridal Makeup Artist specialising in Asian weddings. I'm based in UK however have clients who take me abroad for their destination weddings. I absolutely love what I do and thankful that I'm able to make a living from what I enjoy doing the most. I have now completed 10 weddings abroad which has been spectacular and I shall be sharing more about this later.

My love for makeup started when I was in college. As a young girl my parents took me to learn Bharatnatyam (South Indian Classical Dance) and Kathak (North Indian Classical Dance) which I did for many years. I also went on to teach Bollywood dance classes and had a dance performance group called Diverse Dance Company. Choreography was something I really enjoyed and still do however don't have much time for it. We did regular performances at corporate events, weddings and also workshops. My mum designed the outfits, whilst I would design hair and makeup looks according to the theme of the dance. I used to get creative with makeup, colour and styles. Around the same time I also started watching America's Next Top Model where Mr Jay Manuel was the creative director and Lead Makeup Artist for the shoots. Watching him on screen, I knew I wanted to do something similar. Crazy to know that 10 years on I actually had the chance to meet and work with him... dream come true!

Back to how I got into makeup... I actually wanted to apply for a university course in Makeup Artistry however my parents advised I do something more academic so that I was able to earn a living. Do I regret listening to them? Absolutely not. University was a great experience and helped me not only academically, but also socially. I went off to University hoping to become an Educational Psychologist but by the end of the course I knew this wasn't my dream and my parents saw that too. I completed my degree and then enrolled onto a 5 day Bridal Artistry Course. I then started working with clients on the weekends. Having 2 clients booked on a weekend made me so happy and grateful! My starting rates were £45 for hair and makeup per person (2011)! My retail career actually started off in Superdrug as a Beauty Consultant. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt alot from the team. Its also nice to know that all of Superdrug's own brands are now cruelty free (when I worked there I was too naive to know makeup products were tested on animals.) I then got married to my love, Bhav ( @curlybhav @thecurlyphysio) and applied for a job at Bobbi Brown. I was offered the job on the day an hour after the interview. I started off as part-time maternity cover and within two years worked up to Assistant Manager and was also offered the Manager position.I was fortunate to work with the loveliest ladies who taught me so much and made work life fun. Working at Bobbi Brown also gave me great knowledge, practise and experience working with different skin types, skin tones and ages. Working weekends was difficult and it took a toll on my freelance career and also my home life. I decided it was time to move on to something new.

I then went on to work for a large corporate beauty retail company. It was very different to what I was expecting and lasted less than a year there. Whilst looking for new jobs I wasn't sure where to look as all I knew was retail but I couldn't commit to being available for work all days of the week and agree to once again let go of my freelance career. It was my husband's idea to go full time with makeup artistry and just see what happens. 3 years on and its the best decision I made. I work longer hours now and pretty much everyday, but its on my terms which makes it more comfortable for me.

2017, my youngest sister Vidya - an amazing professional Kathak dancer (_vidyapatel) became vegan. It didn't make me question what I ate but more what I was putting on my clients and my skin. I took on the challenge to change my bridal kit and my own products to cruelty free ones because I believe Beauty is a luxury not a necessity so why harm animals for something we don't necessarily need. Over the past year options have increased with more companies being certified as cruelty free. I have now also changed my diet to a more plant-based one as I still enjoy some desserts (cookie dough being my favourite!) I'm hoping over the next year my own kit and bridal kit will be 100% vegan too! It's important for me that my quality of products are still the best so I've spent time doing research and trailing products before using it on my Brides.

Last year (2018) my sister, mum and I also started Blooms By Vanita ( @bloomsbyvanita). Vanita, my mum, hand makes and customises hair flowers, bouquets, garlands from faux flowers for Brides and weddings. Never did I think our company would grow so quickly over the year- we are forever grateful to all our clients and suppliers in the industry who have supported us.

So that's a little bit about me and my journey over the past decade or so. When I first started writing the blog I felt a little worried but I'm so glad I've started this up again, and excited to share so much more with you!

Feel free to follow me on instagram @jaineesha_mua & and also on facebook


Images by Kam Vaghela Sanjay Gohil Indy Sagoo Jananam Media Eye Jogia


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