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We are/have murdered our Planet

Yesterday we just happened to stumble on watching Extinction -  The Facts on BBC with David Attenborough. Honestly this show was harrowing it made me feel even worse than I did after watching The HandMaids Tale.

Please make it your business to watch this show on BBC iPlayer at some point this week if not tonight. Change needs to be made we need to be the change.

If you’ve been a follower for a while you know that I have made many changes in our lifestyle to be more eco-friendly and sustainable. We’ve changed our buying habits, we’ve changed our diet we have changed the way we recycle and discard waste. However after watching the show I realise that even more needs to be done.

I’ve always believed but everyone’s time to make a change will come, I can’t be forced to change unless the will comes from within. I feel it’s necessary for me to use my platform to share as much knowledge as I can and hopefully one person will see and make a slight change. It was only yesterday that I was talking to a friend about changing beauty products from tested on animals to cruelty free products. Less than 24 hours ago my stance was don’t worry about it, change will come when you’re ready. My stance has changed after watching the show, everyone should be making a change. We are all educated enough to read about companies, to read about how the products are made and where they are made. There are so many more options around now than they were a few years ago. We need to make it our business to find out.

How long can we keep blaming the large corporations for not making a change so consuming is more convenient for us?

After watching the show last night my stance changed. Everyone needs to be making a change because each day that goes by, we are creating a massive imbalance in the biodiversity of the planet.

The statistics were harrowing. The videos and images were distressing.

I promise to keep sharing as much as possible via my platform to help create more change, more positive change.

I know that social media has definitely contributed to this imbalance in biodiversity. We’ve seen things like fast fashion, fast make up fashion, lavish and frequent travels massively increase in the last few years. Also seeing beautiful imagery of nature on our Insta feeds has skewed our vision of what the world actually looks like right now due to the choices that we have made.

I know the biggest impact can be made with large corporations changing the way that they function, however if we don’t take a stance the change may not happen.

Over the past three years I’ve made changes that have felt comfortable and worked for me. I’ve also made changes that I felt I had to make to help the environment. My journey started with becoming cruelty free in the products that I use which then lead to adapting a plant-based diet, switching cruelty free beauty  products to vegan beauty products, changing what we used to clean our home so that is biodegradable and doesn’t harm aquatic life, we’ve cut down on plastic packaging where possible, and we removed any food waste from the bin by making sure we cook what we need we buy what we need and any peels go into the compost. We’ve also changed what we buy for the house how much we buy and really thought about what we actually need. Just because we can afford it does not mean that we should buy it.

The show spoke about eating more sustainably you so sourcing dairy and meat that is sustainable reared. I can’t imagine that the whole of Britain will have enough resources to switch to a sustainability meat and dairy diet unless we have a cow in our gardens per household for diary and you read your own meat and do the rest to get it on your plate. I think we need to look at what we are buying, what we are cooking what we are putting in the bin, and reassess and look at other alternatives.

What I have learnt over the past few months is that leading a sustainable life and an eco-friendly life can be expensive however some switches are affordable and that’s the ones that we should be looking at making and adapting.

Before your next food shop or the next time you go shopping have a look at your list, if you don’t have a list make a list because that helps with wastage, and really think about what you’re buying, where you are buying from, how that may have been made or grown and what will happen to it after you have finished with it.

By no means am I saying I’m perfect and by no means am I saying that I have it all sorted. I’m also on my journey and I’m also still learning day by day but I’m going to make sure I keep posting what I have learnt, what ever I am implementing on my platform and hopefully a few of us can change together and make a positive impact. 

When I speak to people about my way of life or why I have made changes or adaptations, I use the example about our savings and assists. We think about the generations to come and what we can potentially pass on to them financially or in assets, however we don’t think about what kind of planet, environment and ecosystem we will be passing onto them. Right now is the time to start thinking about that because by the time our grandchildren arrive, the Planet will look like very different place to how it is today.

Here's a link to my insta post for more info. I'd love for you to get involved in the conversation.

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