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Earth Day 2022 - 10 tips on how to invest in OUR Planet and live sustainably this Earth Day

So I haven't got it completely together, and I can't say we live a 100% sustainable life, but small changes impact the future. So here's a list of some of the things that I do that you can implement. Choose one or try a few its up to you but it's important to try. It's an investment for the future generations to come and it really doesn't take alot of effort. Think of it as new habit building.

1) Grow your own veg from seed It's therapeutic and they taste great. Potatoes and carrots are super east and they can remain in the ground till your ready to eat them.

2) Switch to vegan and cruelty-free beauty - honestly it's an easy switch with so many options available.

3) Purchase from companies who off set their carbon footprint. I love Tropic Products so much that I decided to open an Ambassador account with them. I recommend alot of the products to my Brides too. Here's my shop link if you'd like to have a look, and if you need assistance let me know. Orders get shipped straight to your address (Ambassador name - Jaineesha Patel.)

4) Recycle, reuse and REFUSE Recycle what you can. Luckily we have a good system via the council (apart from recycling fruit and veg peels which I'm waiting for). No matter how small the material recycle it. We have a recycling bin in our utility room that gets emptied into the recycling bin outside, but also have a basket upstairs to collect materials that can be recycled. This works really well as a few years back it was easy to throw paper in the bin.  5) Start composting if you have an outdoor space. Composting your fruit and veg peels is so easy. I have a small compost caddy (from Aldi) in the kitchen which then gets emptied into the outdoor compost bin (you can pick one up really cheap on FB marketplace). This can then get layered with grass cuttings and will later give you compost. Our normal bin waste is smaller than a carrier bag every week as we have no food waste or fruit and veg peels. All the contents are dry so now I can get away with emptying it every other week (which means less plastic going to the landfill - referring to the bin bag).

6) Sow seeds. It is so therapeutic and fulfilling. I've been doing flower seeds that are loved by bees such as cosmos, sweet peas and ranunculus. I also did veg last year and excited for my courgette and runner beans to grow this year.

7) Use rain water to water your plants. We have a water butt - again you can find a cheap one on marketplace. During the warmer months I use a watering can to water my plants with rain water. It's a great way to get steps in, yes it's time consuming but that's my allocated mindfulness time everyday and you won't use up fresh water.

8) Swap your bin liners to compostable where possible. Anywhere that I know there won't be anything wet going into the bin I use a compostable bin liner. Mine are from Aldi (as it's local) and I also use them for work.

9) Let your flowers self-seed to create a meadow like feel and remember May is coming up so leave your lawn to do what it does best and grow and house wildlife and insects.

10) Try and eat a plant-based meal once a week.

Avoid judging other peoples choices, living sustainably is different for everyone, do your own bit for the future generations to come.

So that's a few tips I want to leave you with. There are so many other things that you may already by doing or can try but start off with one change. Once you get started it becomes a normal part of life and you won't look back!

Happy Earth Day! 

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