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#naturalcakeface #doityourself Makeup Workshop LONDON April 2019

I am so excited that my next workshop is just around the corner. So before that one takes place I wanted to let you know about how the last one went. So I've been doing makeup for over 8 years and I absolutely love it. Creating looks for ladies has shown me that makeup also helps with confidence and happiness. Its more than just the effect that it has on the outside. Working with clients and being able to build up a large client base with repeat clientele is fantastic, but with there only being one of me, it's common that I have to turn clients away. When I catch up with them later on and hear they weren't able to create a look on themselves that they liked, or they booked an artist who didn't listen, or they just couldn't find someone available! I knew I had to offer a service to change this.

I started offering 2 hour one-to one makeup lessons to individuals who wanted to learn how to use their products effectively, use their tools correctly, and simply apply makeup that looked flattering on them. I then found I had so much information to share that I needed to extend it to 3 hours. I then met Meera Bhogal, a London Based entrepreneur interested in health, well-being and nutrition. She booked me for her daughters Destination Wedding in Goa and we just clicked. She loved the way I did her makeup, and kept her looking like herself, but also loved the way it made her feel! She kept saying we must arrange a date for me to teach them how to create the looks which then finally led to the #naturalcakeface workshop being created.

If you're not familiar with the term #naturalcakeface, it's something I came up with that I felt worked for the type of makeup style that I have.

'#naturalcakeface - wearing as much or a as little makeup that feels right and comfortable for you'

With makeup tutorials being so easily accessible, I feel people try and replicate and create the look on themselves, but may not be using the correct tools or colours that are right for them. And let's face it, with so many beauty bloggers recommending so many different products how do you know whats right for you?

All products used at the workshop were cruelty free.

This workshop was formulated to be three hours. (but my next class is a full day one as there is just so much information to get through.) I was joined by 11 lovely ladies with their existing makeup bags, products and tools at Meera's Made from Scratch Cafe in Northwood. We began the class with a yummy shot of ginger and turmeric from the cafe! I then covered some theory, practical information about skincare, products, tools and hygiene. Once all the nitty gritty had been covered we began with the practical aspect of the workshop and began applying products. The tables were set out with notes, a mirror for the ladies to use and their makeup products. After colour matching each attendee I showed them the correct tools to use to be able to create a flawless base.

I really think the base makeup (foundation, concealer, powder) can make or break a look. If it isn't done correctly, blended properly and correct colours haven't been used then it wont look right. So many people place emphasis on eye makeup, but our skin is about 90% of our face so why would the 10% be important?

The attendees mainly used their own products, and I had my full kit available to fill in the gaps in their own makeup products. This works well because you can then buy later what you need rather than buying the wrong items before hand.

After perfecting the bases, we went on to eye makeup - different techniques and colours that can be used followed by lip. During the workshop we spoke about the environmental effect that beauty has and how we can do our little bit to change this.

The ladies thoroughly enjoyed the day and the feedback was great.

My next class is a full day workshop (lots more information and practical hands on time), small intimate group as this works best with the nature of the workshop, afternoon tea is an optional extra (vegan option is available)

So if you're interested in attending my next class on 11.8.19 click here. If you're unable to attend then make sure you subscribe to my emails to hear about the next class first which should be early 2020!

Thank you to Bhavna who attended with her little boys to take these gorgeous images for me!

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