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#PlasticFreeJuly Beauty Swaps to lead a guilt-free eco-friendly life

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone’s #PlasticFreeJuly is going well. And if not don’t worry about it. I feel like this month is about sparking thoughts and new ideas of how we can adapt new #plasticfree ways in our day to day lives, and hopefully my blog will help you do that too!

So today we’re talking beauty, one of my favourite topics!

Unfortunately the beauty industry is full of plastic products and treatments that include disposable plastic.

So I’m breaking it down for you with some easy swaps. Again you don’t need to do all of them, do the ones that you find easiest.


Plastic free Face products

Makeup wipes are the worst way to clean your face. It’s the first thing I tell my Brides to stop using if they complain about having bad skin. They’re great if you have no access to water but I know all of us reading this do. Makeup wipes ‘wipe’ what’s on your face, they do exactly what they say, they do not cleanse. Generally they are full of plastic to stop them becoming mulch in the packaging. Biodegradable ones are good but the packaging is plastic. Switch to a cleanser and a muslin or face cloth (which you can then wash once you’ve used it with your laundry). Your skin will feel cleaner and it will thank you in the years to come, I promise.

Cotton pads to cleanser your eye and lip makeup with are essential, however not sustainable and once again packaged in plastic. Switch to reusable cotton pads, which can be washed once used. Remember don’t use conditioner.

Sheet masks are all the rage at the moment. Again its so similar to the makeup wipes. The sheets aren’t always biodegradable and if they are the packaging won’t be. What’s worse is that each mask is packaged individually so just imagine the plastic waste. Its an unnecessary item that we can stop purchasing and switch to normal masks. I like to have a selection so I can switch up depending on what I need from it.

Think about switching to products with sustainable packaging or no packaging at all. Glass and aluminum are brilliant. Luneia sell a great mask (Radiance Ritual Mask - click here for 15% off) which has exfoliating properties and the packaging is sustainable and recyclable. It’s made from 50% reclaimed plastic bottles and ocean plastics.

Kate McIver sell a skin serum which I highly recommend (click here for 10% off) for help with pigmentation, scaring and overall skin health. They’re products are packaged in glass bottles which can be recycled (give them a rinse once finished).

With regards to makeup, that’s a whole different ball game. There aren’t many brands who are plastic free apart from Zao Makeup. They use bamboo packaging with a refill system. I’ve tried their mascara and eye shadows and blushers which I really like.


Plastic Free Hair

Plastic free hair products are actually a very easy swap, and you’ll also stop using SLS which can irritate the skin.

You could swap to package free soap bars for the hair by Hair O. They do a great range for most hair types and I really like their Brow Soap too, plus all products are cruelty free and vegan.

If you have curly hair be sure to check out By Selina, she has a small collection of fantastic products especially for curly or wavy hair, and its packaged in aluminium. She has a shampoo coming out soon which I’m really looking forward to!


Plastic Free Body

There are lots of easy plastic free body swaps such as metal razors instead of plastic disposable ones, bamboo or paper cotton buds rather than plastic ones, or a soap bar rather than a plastic bottle. I’ve been using the Jason Body Wash however once this last bottle finishes I’ll be switching to a vegan soap which is SLS free.

Toothpaste is a difficult one, in the sense it’s a complete change from product to packaging. I’ve tried the Truthpaste which was interesting. It doesn’t foam as it’s SLS free and feels more like a clay. My teeth definitely felt cleaner after. Maybe something I’ll have to go back to.

Toothbrushes are a really easy swap. Just buy a bamboo one next time. Imagine how many plastic ones pile up in the landfill from your household alone!

My last but favourite swap has been deodorant. I have tried a few but Natural Deo Co was my favourite due to the texture and variety of scents. My favourite was the Palmarose and Mandarin. I have to say it was strange applying something to my armpits with my bare hands, and then I realised it’s a part of my body that doesn’t get much love at all. Also the jars can be recycled or you can use them for storage.

This is just a short list and there are so many other swaps that you can or may already be doing. If you do any I haven’t mentioned then let me know below!

(Please note some of the links in this article are affiliate links.)

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Irich Creativestudio
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